Document Validation and Redirection

Today's business demands an underlying structure and workflow to support getting things done efficiently amid an influx of information and exchange. With E-Flow, any kind of document or file can be part of standardized and essential steps, adding them for review and approval and even allowing for redirection when encountering absences or when requiring escalation.

E-Flow Document Approval and Routing Software

Via E-Flow you can meet your needs for adding, reviewing, forwarding and approving documents in a very short time. Any kind of document or file can be redirected and added for review and approval.

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Fast, easy and affordable document routing and approval software... Discover how simply you can create your own document approval system by signing up to our free 45-day trial program. To help you get going, we offer "Start-up Kits" which use various templates and generic processes for core business functions. We can also have one of our business process experts appointed to help you during this trial period!