Process analysis and design
Simpler and faster processes with customized solutions.
By working together with your team and their knowledge of company-specific processes, our expertise and leadership in BPM will help guide your business to optimized results.

Process Analysis and Design

We believe that success in BPM projects depends on the quality and continuity of the service provided in addition to the quality. That is why we attach great importance to project management. We continue to demonstrate the same care during the installation and the adaptation of the software as in the production process.

How Do We Do It

We start by creating a project team consisting of staff members and managers who know your company processes well, under the leadership of a project manager selected by Netoloji's experienced BPM consultants. The team then determines the project objectives and prepares a project plan in line with the targets. Then we make sure that the project is explained to all staff, answering questions and including any adjustments before we start the project.


At this stage, the aim is to examine your processes in detail and identify the points of positive change in your business throughout the project.This stage consists of three steps: In the first step, we are reviewing your company's workflows. In the second step, we identify the improvements and simplifications that are needed on existing workflows to create new workflows.In the last step, the project team is creating new workflows in line with the goals.

Detailed Planning

After the analysis phase, the project team prepares a detailed adaptation plan considering all your needs according to the emerging flows. At this stage, we identify specific software development points that your company will need


At this phase, necessary work is carried out step by step to adapt the system in accordance with the detailed plan. This usually consists of data transfer, alignment of parameter tables, development of additional functions, integration and testing of modules, and end-user training. Planned milestones are reported as they are completed under the project team's control, and announced to the entire company during interim activities.

Project Completion

When all milestones within the plan are completed, the project team analyzes the goals and results achieved and prepares the project closure report. At the closure of the project, the team announces to the whole company the benefits of the new system and the results of the project by organizing an event.


We are aware that the success of a project depends on the quality of the support provided. We regularly provide all of the services such as elimination of system faults and installation of new versions in accordance with support agreements. As at the beginning of the project, our team continues to produce fast and precise solutions to your evolving needs.