Project Implementation and management
Optimal solutions come from smart project management.
Netoloji carries out projects with extreme care to ensure process automation is adapted to the specific business structure and challenges, ensuring customer satisfaction through diligent preparatory work and effective implementation.

Project implementation and Management

Netoloji organizes an exploratory meeting after initial contact with the customer. The aim of the meeting is to better understand the company challenges related to optimizing their business, to share industry best practices, and to discuss potential areas for improvement. The next stage is to dive deeper into specific problem areas, where we may propose a "system analysis" as the basis for an initial project. The benefit of an analysis is to examine existing systems in detail with the goal of identifying bottlenecks and improving performance, while revealing an organic structure of the company framework to address the following disciplines:

  • Organizational structure
  • Data processing infrastructure.
  • Workflows.
  • Internal and external data and document flow
  • Job definitions

Through careful and proven methodology, we can leverage the system analysis results to propose and implement a work plan that meets functional requirements.